Live stream, sell, and manage your videos

A Professional Solution to Live Stream and Monetize Your Videos

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Live stream events and tournaments

Professionally stream events, tournaments, and more! You get access to professional live streaming tools to capture and stream all the action with ease. 

make money with videos

Make money from your streaming

Vidflex™ helps you monetize your content. Offer video on-demand, pay-per-view, or subscription plans to create a new revenue stream. Control the ads and offer sponsorship opportunities.

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A branded video platform built for you

Vidflex™ is dedicated to crafting a polished video website that aligns seamlessly with your brand, incorporating your logo, color schemes, layout preferences, and scheduling requirements.

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A suite of tools to stream like the pros

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting on your streaming journey, our suite equips you with the essential resources and features to elevate your live streams to pro-level quality.

Connect a camera to your Vidflex™ platform and start earning revenue through live streaming

Whether you’re using a smartphone or a multi-camera setup, our video platform simplifies the process of connecting and live streaming your events. Our platform handles the automatic scheduling of your streams, manages your event calendar, and seamlessly processes all pay-per-view purchases made by your audience.

Why choose Vidflex™?

While many tout their video streaming sites as the best, Vidflex™ was purpose-built to cater to the specific requirements of schools and sports organizations. Here are six compelling reasons why Vidflex™ stands out as your ultimate choice:

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More control

We empower organizations with the control they rightfully deserve. Whether it pertains to advertising and monetization, platform layout, or audience management, you have complete authority over the visibility of your videos and the way they are distributed.

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Monetization options

Interested in selling a pay-per-view to a single event? Or offering custom packages for your multi-day tournament? Or even monetizing through sponsorship ads? With Vidflex™, you have multipls ways to generate new revenue streams for your organization.

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No upfront costs

We operate  on a revenue share agreement which means you get the entire Vidflex™ suite completely free! Our success team will work with you to ensure your team is trained  and ready to stream.

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Tools for growth

There’s no limit to the amount of videos you can stream on your platform. Whether it’s one event or a complete season, we will work with to you grow your audience.

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A video first website

We specialize in video streaming and will build you an attractive online video platform for your organization. Once your site is built, we’ll make sure everything is automized so you can rest assured that your platform up-to-date and tested.  

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Live streaming

Effortlessly share live video with your global audience. Create anticipation with a customizable countdown timer, and seamlessly transform your live stream into video-on-demand content automatically. 

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We’re here to help you

Our Customer Success team will work directly with you to get your online video platform set up, looking amazing and performing optimally.

We have a comprehensive toolset to help you make the most of your platform. These tools include: live webinars, customer support techs, and other resources to help you get the answers to your questions fast.

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Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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