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I want to live stream events

Professionaly stream sports, events, conference sessions, featured speakers and more. Charge admission or distribute the stream for free. If you want to make the stream available later, easily convert it to video on demand.

I want to make money with my content.

Vidflex helps you turn your hard work into cash. Offer video on demand, pay-per-view, or subscription plans to bring in more money. Choose the ads your viewers see, how they’re displayed, and for how long. Don’t leave it up to someone else. 

I want to share videos with my members

Get the tools you need to build, engage and grow your audience. Make it easy for viewers to share your content on social media with custom images, titles, and descriptions. Export audience information for your email marketing campaigns.

I want to create a website to host and distribute content

Upload a logo and choose your colors to instantly create a site that matches your brand. Display videos with sliders or galleries to show off your best content. Create different channels to build a media empire.

Why choose Vidflex?

Everyone claims to have the best video hosting site out there. But we built Vidflex to meet the needs of content creators like you. Here are six things that make Vidflex the best choice:

More control

We give content creators the control you deserve. Whether it’s in advertising and monetization, website design, or audience management, you have full control over who sees your videos and how.

Monetization options

Want to sell a single video? Or let people subscribe to your web series? How about run custom ads during an online course? We give you control over how you make money with your videos. Do what works for you—not what works for someone else.

Low costs

Free video hosting tools require that you give up control of your videos, while expensive solutions cut into your profits. Vidflex has features that make your life easier while allowing you to pocket 100% of your revenue. 

Tools for growth

Grow your audience with less effort and build a community around your content. Create email-gated videos to capture email addresses. Export your audience groups for email marketing. Recruit members of your site to upload their own videos.

Easy website building

You don’t need to be a web designer to build a great website with Vidflex. Upload your logo, choose your colors, and create a professional website in minutes. Save hours with automatic video sorting based on attributes. And the best part is we’ll set it up for you!

Live streaming

Stream video from anywhere in the world to share it live with your audience. Post a countdown timer to build excitement, then automatically convert the live stream to video on demand. Use any popular encoding hardware or software. Even invite members of your community to stream.

Why not just use YouTube?

We get this question a lot. The answer is simple: Vidflex gives you more control and more options than free platforms do. But you pay a fraction of the cost of high-end enterprise solutions. You worked hard to create your videos, and we make it easy to share them with the world.

As a sports association with athletes around the world, connecting athletes to their communities abroad is one of our top priorities. Beyond this, we really had no idea what we were doing with our video content. We wanted a partner that gave us the tools we need to develop our organization while increasing the value of our broadcasts.

Mark Kosak

CEO, Alberta College Athletic Conference

Client Showcase

Our team is here to help you

Setting up a video hosting site takes some doing. So our customer success team will work directly with you to get your site set up and make sure it looks and performs how you want it to.


We have a host of tools to help you make the most of your site, too—live webinars, customer support techs, live chat, and other resources help you get the answers to your questions fast.

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Ready To Get Started?

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