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Live streaming engages your audience, expands your reach, and opens up valuable monetization opportunities. But you need the right tools and the right platform to host your stream. Vidflex™ gives you everything you need to start live streaming right away.

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Stream with ease

Streaming shouldn’t be hard—so we make it easy. You can use any of the most popular encoding hardware or software. Streams are automatically recorded and made ready for video on demand, saving you time.

  • Use any of the most popular encoding hardware or software
  • Automatically record and convert streams to video on demand
  • Make your stream public or restrict access to a user group
  • Sell tickets in advance to monetize your streams

You can stream however you want. And you can set it up in just a few clicks.

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Work with live stream operators

You can give one or more live stream operators limited access to the back end of your site to run a stream. Recruit operators to live stream content from anywhere in the world for more content.

Vidflex™ lets your live operators run recurring streams, convert live streams to video on demand, and more. You can even offer analytics for individual live stream operators so they can see how their content is performing.

Make money with live streaming

People love live streams. And they’re willing to pay for them. Vidflex™ lets you monetize your streams in many ways. Charge a fee for viewers to get access to the stream, or include it in a subscription plan.

And when the stream is done, include it in your video on demand collection. Run pre-roll video ads, sell or rent the recording, or make it available free of charge. You have control.

Manage your sports streaming calendar

If you’re streaming sports events, Vidflex™ has all the tools you need. Create schedules for different sports, teams, venues, and more. You can even import schedules from a spreadsheet to save time.

Front-end filtering means viewers can find any sport, team, or event they want. And with our powerful site building features, you can organize videos in a way that works for your audience.

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