Supplement in-person attendance with live streaming

Vidflex™ offers live streaming to enhance attendance and engagement during virtual training, corporate events, live performances, and sports games.

Live stream on your own digital network


Vidflex’s specialized live video technology lets you build a digital network to reach audiences all over the world – with features that include:


  • Automated archiving of live streams to video on demand (VOD)
  • Privacy controls and user permission groups
  • Professional video player and branded web page options
  • Upload attendee lists
  • Automatic email notification and link distribution

Live stream with ease

Streaming shouldn’t be hard—so we make it easy!

  • Use any of the most popular encoding hardware or software
  • Automatically record and convert streams to video on demand
  • Make your stream public or restrict access to a user group
  • Sell tickets in advance to monetize your streams

Set up your stream however you want – in just a few clicks!

Vidflex Monetization

Find out more about how to set up, stream and share your next live event. 

Control video ads

Work with live stream operators

You can give one or more live stream operators limited access to the back end of your video content management system to run a stream. Recruit operators to live stream content from anywhere in the world for more content.

Vidflex™ lets your live operators run recurring streams, convert live streams to video on demand, and more. You can even offer analytics for individual live stream operators so they can see how their content is performing.

Make money with live streaming

People love live streams, and they’re willing to pay for them. Vidflex™ lets you monetize your streams in many ways. Charge a fee for viewers to access the stream via pay-per-view, or include it in a subscription plan.

When the stream is done, include it in your video on demand collection. Run pre-roll video ads, sell or rent the recording, or make it available free of charge. You have complete control.

Vidflex Monetization

onVIVA live streams arts & culture events with Vidflex™

Serving as a content aggregator for video websites like,,,, onVIVA has found success by live streaming multiple weekly concerts, shows, games and events on their Vidflex™ online video platform.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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School Athletics

Live stream your school sports and generate new revenue for your school's athletics program

Leagues and Events

A powerful live streaming solution for sports organizations, business operators, and video production teams.