onVIVA uses Vidflex™ to live stream weekly performances & concerts

This content aggregator uses the Vidflex™ video platform to host their artistic customers’ live concerts, comedy shows, sports games and cultural events to reach audiences with diverse interests in real time.

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Host live and on-demand videos

onVIVA has created multiple channels on its platform for its diverse customers, including music, food, comedy, and sports to host growing libraries of both live and on-demand video content. These vast libraries also contain a mix of free and paid access to offer viewers premium pay-per-view video content.

Collaborate with the arts community

Vidflex™ has made it possible for onVIVA to collaborate with live event operators and allow for community uploads to expand its reach while growing its library of video content.

Vidflex Monetization

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Control video ads

Give artists ownership of their platforms

Not only do onVIVA’s customers benefit from complete control over their branded online video platforms, but they also retain the power to make decisions about their monetization strategy. With the ability to choose banner and pre-roll ads, as well as sponsorship opportunities, onVIVA’s community of artists can maximize their revenue the way they see fit.

Real-time analytics for their contributors

Artists and content creators are given valuable insight into how their videos are performing from accurate, real-time analytics. These detailed reports consist of relevant KPIs that illustrate just how attractive and engaging every concert, event or game is to their audience. This puts the artist or content creator in an advantageous position when developing and sharing new content that resonates with viewers..

Vidflex Monetization

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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