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Want to build excitement and engage your audience? There’s no better way to than live streaming. Expand the reach of your in-person events or offer exclusive online access to subscribers. Whether you’re a content creator, a media manager, or a marketer, we have the tools you need to reach your audience.

Live streaming

Start live streaming the easy way

We make streaming as easy as possible so you can get started right away. Whether you’re an old pro or a new streamer, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of live streaming with Vidflex

  • Use any of the most popular hardware and software encoding systems
  • Create a countdown timer or use our marketing features to build excitement
  • Allow live event operators to stream from their own devices
  • Automatically convert live streams to video on demand when they’re finished

Easy collaboration with event operators

Give live event operators content permission control so they access your stream remotely. It’s collaboration with built-in security.

Live event operators have permission to stream content to your site, but have limited access to the back-end of your video content management system. This gives you the power to stream events from all over the world without giving everyone access to sensitive parts of your site.

Live stream DVR

Learn more about managing a branded, professional video website to improve your online presence.

Live to VOD

Choose to automatically convert live streams into video on demand

You put a lot of effort into creating a great live stream, so why share it with your audience just once? Give it away, archive it, or monetize it to build a revenue stream.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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