A customized video platform built for you


Your online video platform is the face of your brand. Vidflex™ will create a professional-looking video site using your logo, colors, layout preferences, and schedule.

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Don’t worry about your site — we’ll take care of that for you

No experience building websites? No problem! Our will build your branded site to make sure you can focus on your business.

We’ll help you get the right look, set up your schedule, add video sliders and upload your first few videos to make sure everything is tested and ready for streaming.

Present videos in multiple languages

Post videos in two languages so viewers can watch content that works for them. They just choose a language option to see videos, subtitles, descriptions, and site content in their language. We support English and French out of the box, as well as other languages on request.

Multiple languages for video
Video categories

Assign categories for quick, helpful video organization and searchability

We recognize that an organized and user-friendly platform is essential for both content creators and viewers.

We’ll assist you in meticulously organizing your content library by implementing advanced filtering options and intuitive categorization.

Additionally, our team will design your site with a focus on user-friendliness, making navigation a breeze for all your visitors.

Vidflex and Hockey Canada's Journey in Revolutionizing Digital Sports Entertainment

From streamlined event management to data-driven decision-making, this case study unveils the powerhouse partnership that propelled Hockey Canada to the forefront of digital sports excellence.

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Organize your videos with sliders and galleries

Sliders and galleries are how viewers easily navigate on the largest video sites in the world – like Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime, Disney+ and more.

Display your videos in categorized sliders or galleries – or mix it up with both. We’ll help you make your most popular videos prominent on your homepage, and organize the rest so they’re easy to find.

Video galleries
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Build a media center with channels

Enterprise customers can create an unlimited number of channels, with each channel hosting a specific type of content. Give access to collaborators so they can upload videos to the relevant channels. Each collaborator can even have their own payment gateway.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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A powerful live streaming solution for sports organizations, business operators, and video production teams.