A no-cost solution to cash in on your events or tournaments

Live stream your season, tournament or special event on your own branded video platform

Sell pay-per-view access — and generate new revenue streams for your organization!

A ‘No Cost’ partnership

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Local Sports Live™ is a Vidflex™ live streaming service with one goal in mind — to be the best online streaming solution for sports organizations across the nation.

When you sign up with Local Sports Live™ you get access to a custom branded live streaming platform, professional live streaming tools, and the ability to monetize your tournment, games or event. Best of all, there’s no up-front cost to you*!

We operate on a shared revenue model, meaning that we do all the heavy lifting to ensure a professional and seamless streaming experience for you and your fans.

* A minimum event revenue generation threshold applies

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Professional Out-of-the-box features

Live Streaming

Seamlessly deliver live events, allowing viewers to watch the action in real-time, or start and rewind at their leisure.

Revenue Share

Our revenue share model means more money in your pocket, with no up-front fees.


Create new revenue streams through pay-per-view, sponsorships, subscriptions, and advertising.

Video Site

You will receive a branded video site with the option of a custom URL. Share your page with your audience to stream live and on-demand video.

Site Management

Our dedicated support team will set up your events and video site, and make sure your live streaming goes off without a hitch.


Generate performance reports to see who’s purchased your events and to maximize your ROI.

Your own dedicated live streaming team — From start to finish.

Live Stream Your Tournaments or Events

If you have a single, or multi-day tournament or sporting event, we will work with you to live stream and monetize your broadcast.


4 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for Local Sports Live™ and we’ll set up your video platform using your own branding and event schedule.
  2. Sell additional tournament sponsorship packages including ad banners and pre-roll ads.
  3. Promote your video platform to drive pay-per-view sales!
  4. Capture the games and broadcast your live streams directly to your platform.

“The entire Vidflex team has been present since day one. This level of commitment has been recognized and appreciated by Hockey Canada. This is a group that demonstrates just how much they care about our needs, today and in the future.”

– Craig Cameron, Former director, Hockey Canada

“As a sports association with athletes from around the world, connecting athletes to their communities abroad is one of our top priorities. This athletic conference is a leading example of how a Vidflex Sports platform can help move an industry forward into a new age.”

– Mark Kosak, CEO, ACACTV

The Vidflex team has been committed to our success from the beginning and continues to support us as we expand into live streaming different sports, leagues and events. This is a team and service that assists us in putting our brand at the forefront and continually helps us provide a premium user experience for our viewers. They truly are a business partner.

– Corrie Brough, President, HNLive

Monetize Your Sports video streaming

Pay Per View

Your Local Sports Live™ platform comes with a fully integrated online shopping and checkout experience. You can offer both single video pay-per-view and entire event packages.

Post-game Access

Create additional revenue by offering on-demand access and video downloads of your live streams.

Sponsorship & Advertising

Attract sponsors to your network by offering lucrative pre-roll ads, or banner placements throughout the platform.

Local Sports Live payment window

Live stream all of your tournaments and special events, and drive revenue or fundraising dollars through viewer subscriptions, event pay-per-view and sponsorships.

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We’re excited to offer you our Local Sports Live™ streaming software for free, with no upfront costs. That’s right – you can start streaming videos without paying a single penny.

In fact, we work on a generous revenue share model. This means that once you exceed the minimum threshold for the first year, we’ll start sharing revenue with you. We believe that our success should be your success too, and we’re committed to helping you grow your streaming services.

The minimum threshold is designed to help us cover our operational costs and ensure that we can continue providing you with a top-quality streaming experience.

Once you exceed the threshold, we’ll share a percentage of the revenue that we generate from your streams. This means that the more successful you are, the more revenue you’ll earn.

Elevating the Fan Experience: ACAC's Triumphs in Collegiate Sports Streaming with Vidflex

See how ACAC, in collaboration with Vidflex, revolutionized collegiate sports streaming, overcoming operational challenges and achieving remarkable success. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there really no costs?

That’s right! We work on a no-cost partnership basis meaning we work on a revenue share agreement for your pay-per-view sales. We do require a minimum threshold revenue to be acheived for the year, but have yet to have a customer not achieve this amount. 

Who sets the pricing for event PPV, advertising and/or sponsorships?

You do! We can recommend certain price points based on your event or streaming requirements.

What kind of lead times do we need to consider?
A minimum of 5 working days is recommended.
Can I stream multiple games at the same time?

Yes! You can simultaneously stream as many games as you need.

What type of equipment is required for streaming?

A video camera (single or multiple), DSLR, or smartphone. Just about anything that can record video works for live streaming. You’ll also need encoding software, which you can get for free! 

Can you assist us with video production?

Yes! Please contact our customer success team for options based on your requirements.

What is required for an Internet connection? (Upload, WiFi vs Ethernet, etc.)

A wired Internet connection (preferred) or WIFI. For HD video streaming we recommend at least 15MB upload speed. 

How long can my event stay on the site?

Your events will stay on the site for 30 days, with the option of extending this for as long as you would like. Contact sales for more information.

Who adds/sets up the games on the platform for us?

Our Customer Success team will set up everything to get your online video platform and live streams looking amazing and performing optimally.

What resources are available for training and support?
We have a comprehensive toolset to help you make the most of your streaming, such as customer support techs, live chat, a video help centre and other resources help you get the answers to your questions fast.

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