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Revolutionizing Collegiate Sports Streaming

Harnessing the Power of Vidflex: Transforming ACAC’s Sports Streaming Landscape




The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC), comprising 17 member colleges, stands as the third-largest collegiate conference in Canada. Since 2009, ACAC has been streaming basketball, hockey, volleyball, soccer, and various other sports, fostering a dynamic sports community.

In 2016, ACAC partnered with Vidflex to elevate their online streaming initiatives and create a world-class streaming solution, enhancing the experience for both fans and athletes alike.

ACAC has courageously pursued the art of the possible in collaboration with Vidflex, nurturing the growth of their online college sports network, ACACTV. ACAC continues to redefine the landscape of collegiate sports streaming, creating a vibrant platform for sports enthusiasts.


ACAC’s Evolution: Navigating Challenges to Transform Streaming Into a Sustainable Success

ACAC began online game streaming in 2009, garnering a dedicated viewing audience. However, as the organization expanded, the previous streaming solution became an increasingly unsustainable cost center.

The expanding library and audience created operational challenges, hindering effective scaling of the video operation.

Faced with numerous moving parts, ACAC encountered the challenge of sustaining an organized and scalable platform to meet market demands and exceed fan expectations.

With the help of Vidflex, ACAC was able to realize the following key challenges:

  1. How to enhance control over content and distribution.
  2. How to turn a cost center into a revenue generating solution.
  3. How to train, support and manage teams of volunteers to deliver consistent and high level video production.
  4. How to offer high-level streaming to a global audience.
  5. How to organize an extensive streaming library and make it intuitive for users to find games.
ACAC women's soccer game being played on laptop screen

"As a sports association with athletes from around the world, connecting athletes to their communities abroad is one of our top priorities. Beyond this, we really didn't have a plan of what to do with our video content. Vidflex gave us the tools to develop our organization while increasing the value of our broadcasting.”

Mark Kosak - ACAC CEO


New Revenue Horizons, Soaring Viewership, and Monetization Triumphs

In collaboration with Vidflex, ACAC launched ACACTV in the fall of 2016, an all-in-one video broadcast and streaming platform that empowered ACAC with full control over its sports streaming.

The Vidflex team implemented a powerful streaming solution which included:

  • Video Organization: The platform’s organization capabilities were enhanced, with easy tagging for categorization by gender, sport, and school.
  • Streamlined Operations: Vidflex’s team conducted comprehensive training sessions for ACAC staff and volunteers, equipping them with the skills for efficient video production. Additionally, specialized tools were developed to simplify the management of live streaming directly to the Vidflex platform.
  • Intuitive Platform: ACACTV not only met the needs of the conference, teams, and fans but also presented a visually appealing and user-friendly video network.
  • Sports Streaming Toolbox: Collaborating with ACAC, Vidflex extensively tested our expanding suite of sports streaming tools. This encompassed an upgraded game day management interface tailored for large events, seamless integration with Optik TV, dynamic scoreboard overlays, video clipping capabilities, versatile purchase options, and a host of other innovative features.

The Results

The implementation of Vidflex’s tailored solutions yielded remarkable results:

  • New Revenue Streams: In 2021, ACAC implemented pay-per-view, greatly enhancing revenue streams.
  • Significant Growth in Viewership: Since 2021, ACAC experienced remarkable growth in its viewing audience, increasing from 12,397 people to just under 49,000 in 2023.
  • Increased Streaming Hours: Streaming hours more than tripled, escalating from 19,755 hours in 2021 to an impressive 73,752 hours in 2023.
  • Monetization Success: Pay-per-view revenue has grown significantly, climbing by 300% from 2021 to 2023.

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ACAC’s worldwide sports streaming operation continues to grow. Sports fans from all around the world watch their favorite teams and sports on demand thanks to ACACTV. And with customizable pay-per-view and advertising options, the conference is generating new revenue to continue its mission of sharing Canadian collegiate sports with the world.

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