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All platforms include:

• Custom branding • Custom domain • Front-end video website • Video Management System • Business solution consulting • Platform setup • Video uploading • Graphic design • Onboarding & training

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Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the most common questions our customers are asking.

What kind of things can I do with Vidflex?

Vidflex allows you to host, manage, share, and live stream your online video content with a global audience. Also, you have the opportunity to charge for access to your videos if desired.

What equipment do I need if I want to live stream on the platform?

A video camera, DSLR, or smartphone. Just about anything that can record video works for live streaming. You’ll also need encoding software, which you can get for free! 

We can also recommend/provide video capture solutions for your events.

Can I use my phone to record and upload videos?

Absolutely, Vidflex makes it simple to record and manage your content no matter what you’re using to film.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes! You can use your own domain or subdomain for your videos. It’s easy to add your own branding for white labeling, too.

Does Vidflex™ take a cut of my sales?

If you sign up for our Professional or Vidflex Faith™ package, you keep 100% of the revenue you generate. You’ll pay some processing fees to Stripe when you take payments, but that’s it. 

If you sign up for our Managed Events, we parter with you and work on a shared revenue agreement.

How much can I stream or store with 1GB?

It depends on the quality of your video and a few other things, but 1GB is about an hour of viewing.

What if I go over my storage or streaming limits?

Not to fear! You will be notified in advance if you’re getting close to your streaming and storage limits. If you are getting close, you have a few options: #1 – You can upgrade your plan at any time #2 – Purchase additional streaming/storage at the overage rate indicated in your plan.

What are the benefits over a free video service?

You know the saying ‘nothing in life is ever free?’ That’s the case with so-called ‘free’ video platforms. With Vidflex™, you maintain total ownership over your content, video distribution rights, branding, and access privileges. If you would like to include sponsored ad placements, that’s completely up to you. With any pay-per-view, subscriptions or advertising, you keep 100% of any revenue you generate*.

*On our Professional or Vidflex Faith™ plans

"The entire Vidflex team has been present since day one. This level of commitment has been recognized and appreciated by Hockey Canada. This is a group that demonstrates just how much they care about our needs, today and in the future."

Craig Cameron – Director of Content, Hockey Canada

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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