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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there really 'no-costs'?

That’s right! We work on a generous revenue share model. We believe that our success should be your success too, and we’re committed to helping you grow your streaming services.

Who sets the pay-per-view pricing for my events?

You do! We can recommend certain price points based on your event and any additional monetization options.

What happens after my live event is finished?

Once your live event concludes, several post-event options become available to you:

1. On-Demand Viewing and Download Purchase: Your live stream will be made available for on-demand viewing, and viewers can also purchase downloads of your event. This accessibility is maintained for a minimum of 30 days, giving your content an extended lifespan. The exact timing and pricing for on-demand access and downloads can be customized to align with your preferences.

2. Payment for Your Earnings: We understand the importance of timely compensation. After your event, you will receive your share of the pay-per-view sales and download purchases in the subsequent pay period. Typically, this payment is processed in the following month, ensuring you receive the revenue you’ve earned.

This Organization Took Control of Their Live Streaming and Surpassed All Expectations in Their First Season

By owning and controlling their own video platform, WPCA unlocked new revenue potential through pay-per-view sales and enhanced engagement with their online audience.

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More Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the most common questions our customers are asking.

What kind of things can I do with Vidflex?

Vidflex allows you to host, manage, share, live stream, and monetize your online video content on your own branded platform.  

What equipment do I need if I want to live stream on the platform?

A video camera, DSLR, or smartphone. Just about anything that can record video works for live streaming. You’ll also need encoding software, which you can get for free! 

We can also recommend/provide video capture solutions for your events.

Can I use my phone to record and upload videos?

Absolutely, Vidflex makes it simple to record and manage your content no matter what you’re using to film.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes! You can use your own domain or subdomain for your videos. It’s easy to add your own branding for white labeling, too.

Does Vidflex™ take a cut of my sales?

For sports live streaming, we parter with you and work on a generous shared revenue agreement. 

Are there streaming limits?

Nope! When you sign up with Vidflex™ you get unlimited live event streaming. 

What are the benefits over other free video services?

In a world where “free” often comes with limitations, Vidflex™ stands out as a platform that empowers you with control, flexibility, and a trusted team to ensure your success. With Vidflex™, you enjoy a host of distinct advantages:


  1. Total Ownership: Unlike so-called “free” video platforms, Vidflex™ grants you full ownership over your content. This means you have complete control over your brand, video distribution rights, and access privileges.
  2. Branding Control: Your brand identity is paramount, and with Vidflex™, you can maintain it with precision. Customize your platform to reflect your unique brand image.
  3. Ad Placement Freedom: Want to include sponsored ad placements? You decide. Vidflex™ gives you the freedom to incorporate sponsored content on your terms, providing opportunities for additional revenue.
  4. Dedicated Support Team: From day one, you have the support of a dedicated team ready to handle the heavy lifting. We take care of event management, customer transactions, and tech support, so you can focus on creating exceptional live streaming experiences for your audience.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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