Manage your growing video library


You spend hours upon hours creating your video content. That’s why we give you full control over how it’s watched, searched, and distributed—whether you’re teaching an online course or publishing the next binge-worthy series

Video management

Use any video format you want

Want to offer multiple types of videos? You can!

  • Upload single videos and monetize them however you want.
  • Publish an entire series, complete with seasons and episodes.
  • Stream live with the most popular encoding hardware and software.
  • Show off your creative work in the way that suits it best.

Make your videos stand out!

Upload your own cover image or choose one from within your video to attract attention. Customize the title and text of social sharing links to enhance clickability on social media. Use filters to automatically sort videos and make them easily searchable by category or keyword.

Vidflex Monetization

Learn more about managing a branded, professional video website to improve your online presence. 


Live stream, VOD, or both – the choice is yours

With easy scheduling, you can choose when a video goes live and when it comes back down. Add countdown timers to your live streams and convert streams to VOD so your audiences can watch later when it fits their schedule.

Want to make your video downloadable? Easy! Find the flexibility you desire from your video management system.

Manage permissions with ease

Save time managing user permissions with just a few clicks. Each user or group can be given a range of permissions from very basic to superuser for the entire site or specific sections. No need to worry about who has access to what – it’s all taken care of.

Vidflex Monetization

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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School Athletics

Live stream your school sports and generate new revenue for your school's athletics program

Leagues and Events

A powerful live streaming solution for sports organizations, business operators, and video production teams.