Give users access to the right content


Create user groups for different access levels: let groups see everything, only specific videos, or a single piece of content. Use these permissions to manage internal and external users, confidential information, and more.

Manage and market to your audience with ease

Spend less time managing your audience and more time building a following. Vidflex™ makes it easy to manage user groups, profiles, and content with flexible privacy & permission controls.

Manage audience
Video communication

Built-in tools for social media communication and marketing

Get more engagement and monetization opportunities with social media and email marketing. Communicate with your subscribers using our communication tools.

  • Email-gated videos help you capture contact information for future marketing
  • Easy export lets you upload email addresses into your favorite marketing app
  • Edit Open Graph information to customize the image, title, and description of your videos on social media
  • Allow community uploads so users can share their own videos after approval

Learn more about managing a branded, professional video website for your audience

Take control of social sharing

A professional appearance on social media is crucial for growing your audience. Enable or disable social sharing buttons on every video, and choose how they appear on Facebook and Twitter.

Video social sharing
Control video ads

Share your videos with customizable embed codes

Sharing your videos on other websites helps you build a larger audience. Vidflex™ creates custom embed codes so you can share with ease. Just get the code and paste it into another site (or share it with the site owner). It’s that easy.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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School Athletics

Live stream your school sports and generate new revenue for your school's athletics program

Leagues and Events

A powerful live streaming solution for sports organizations, business operators, and video production teams.