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Hockey Canada’s Digital Transformation with Vidflex

Vidflex’s Comprehensive Impact on Viewer Experience, Operational Efficiency, and Revenue Growth for Hockey Canada


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Hockey Canada stands as the national governing body for the sport of ice hockey in Canada. Renowned for its commitment to the development, promotion, and organization of the sport, Hockey Canada plays a central role in fostering the growth of hockey at all levels.

As a key player on the international stage, Hockey Canada oversees national teams, championships, and grassroots initiatives, contributing significantly to the rich and storied legacy of hockey in the country.

Since our collaboration began in 2017, Vidflex has played a crucial role in assisting Hockey Canada in establishing a centralized solution that facilitates online streaming, community building, and player development.


Charting Success: Hockey Canada’s Defined Goals and Vidflex’s Transformative Solution

Hockey Canada identified several defined goals for their video needs, including enhancing the viewer experience, facilitating seamless social sharing, maintaining operational simplicity, maximizing commercial opportunities through varied monetization options, and creating a customized platform that adheres to their strict branding requirements.

Additionally, the challenge extended to efficiently managing the production and live streaming of Hockey Canada events, tracking audience engagement, and making informed decisions based on real data insights.

With the help of Vidflex, Hockey Canada was able to realize the following key challenges:

  1. How to provide a central hub for game streaming, player development, and community engagement.
  2. How to maintain operational simplicity for end-users
  3. How to use live streaming as a revenue generating tool
  4. How to easily manage the production and streaming of large events.
  5. How to gather actionable data and reports from viewer behaviour.
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"The solutions Vidflex has brought to our video streaming has been a game-changer for Hockey Canada . Their video tools have helped us amp up our streaming for hockey fans everywhere. The numbers tell the story, and we're thrilled with the results of our continued partnership."

Jennifer Sadler - Manager, SEO & Digital Experience


Vidflex’s Comprehensive Solutions Fuel Hockey Canada’s Vision and Streaming Success

In response to Hockey Canada’s diverse needs and vision, Vidflex developed a comprehensive video solution which included:

  • Branded Video Platform: Vidflex crafted a 100% branded video platform, providing Hockey Canada with a unique digital space aligned with its visual identity.
  • Video Migration: Commencing in 2017, we meticulously migrated over 10,000 videos into the Vidflex platform, ensuring a seamless transition and accessibility for viewers.
  • Cost Efficiency: The transition to Vidflex resulted in substantial cost savings compared to their previous video solution provider.
  • Operational Simplicity: We prioritized maintaining operational simplicity for both end-users and administrators, streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Vidflex maximized commercial opportunities by offering different pricing and packaging options for consumers, contributing to revenue growth.
  • Event Management: Vidflex efficiently managed the production and live streaming of Hockey Canada events, including tournaments, media conferences, and more.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Our solution empowered Hockey Canada to track audience engagement, analyze real data, and generate insightful reports.

The Results

The collaborative efforts between Vidflex and Hockey Canada have resulted in impressive outcomes:

  • Since 2017, Hockey Canada has achieved an impressive 1,997,344 video plays, demonstrating the widespread appeal of their content.
  • Viewers have collectively streamed 406,721 hours of Hockey Canada content since the initiation of the partnership.
  • Monetizing their content, Hockey Canada introduced pay-per-view in December 2022. In one year of switching to pay-per-view for their major events, they were able to increase their streaming revenue by over 1000%.

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Looking forward to 2024, Hockey Canada plans to expand revenue streams by offering additional package options, further solidifying their financial success in the digital streaming landscape.

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