Professional video hosting and distribution on your own video website

Have the ability to manage large video libraries for live streaming and video on demand using your library as a communication channel to engage with your audience while building a digital community.

Get an online video platform that has it all


 Vidflex™ gives you a comprehensive set of digital tools to host, manage, organize, and distribute your large library of content − all from a user-friendly platform.


  1. Simply upload your entire video library to the Vidflex™ video management system where you can categorize, edit and optimize your content so that viewers can easily search, watch and share all of your videos.
  2. Then, reach a larger audience by spreading the word about your content using Vidflex’s front-end website capabilities. Distribute your video content on your own custom video website.
  3. Finally, access real-time reports and analytics to see how your videos are performing – track plays, hours viewed, where your viewers are located, and more!
Control video ads

Manage your content library with ease

You should spend your time creating content, not managing it. Our no-hassle video management lets you invest time where it’s most valuable. Using automated video categorization, Vidflex™ automatically sorts and displays videos when you upload them. We’ll make sure they show up in the right place.

And you can work with any content format you want. Post single videos, episodes, seasons, collections, and more. Then set a price for accessing a single video or a specific group of content to start selling.

Learn more about managing a branded, professional video website to improve your online presence.

Build a beautiful, functional online video platform without coding

We know that not all content creators want to build their own site from scratch. So we’ll help you build it.

  • Create a multilingual site with videos, descriptions, and second language subtitles to meet the needs of your diverse audience
  • Work directly with our customer success team to build a white-label online video platform that matches your brand with your logo and colors
  • Use your logo and colors for white labeling
  • Organize your videos in the way that makes sense for your audience

Anyone can create a video channel—a branded site makes you stand out.

Vidflex Monetization
Control video ads

Save time with automated video management

Set up your site once, then let Vidflex™ do the rest. Just add attributes to each video you upload, and they’ll automatically be placed in the correct slider or gallery.

Present your videos however you want—as single videos, series, episodes, live streams, or collections. Then monetize them in the way that works for your business. Place ads, offer video on demand, or enable subscriptions to any subset of content.

TELUS Spark hosts & manages its large video library with Vidflex™

Complete with educational and entertaining content for its young audience, TELUS Spark’s growing online video platform provides children and their families with 475+ videos that foster learning, engagement and fun!

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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