Professional video hosting and distribution on your own video website

Free video hosting sites can take the bulk of your ad revenue. Most enterprise video hosting solutions cost an arm and a leg. We make it easy to host and distribute content with all the features you need — minus the prohibitive price tag.

Build a beautiful, functional website without coding

We know that not all content creators want to build their own site from scratch. So we’ll help you build it.

  • Work directly with our developers to build a site that matches your brand
  • Use your logo and colors for white labeling
  • Organize your videos in the way that makes sense for your audience
  • Create a multilingual site with videos, descriptions, and subtitles in many languages

Anyone can create a YouTube channel—a branded site makes you stand out.

embedding videso on computer monitors

Learn more about managing a branded, professional video website to improve your online presence.

Save time with automated video management

Set up your site once, then let Vidflex™ do the rest. Just add attributes to each video you upload, and they’ll automatically be placed in the correct slider or gallery.

Present your videos however you want—as single videos, series, episodes, live streams, or collections. Then monetize them in the way that works for your business. Place ads, offer video on demand, or enable subscriptions to any subset of content.

Take control of ads and payments

Free video hosting sites give you limited options for making money. We let you monetize how you want. You should be able to host, distribute, and monetize on your terms—and with Vidflex™, you can.

Set pre-roll or banner ads to display on your videos for a certain amount of time, or only for certain users. Sell access to your videos on demand, and let users download or stream them. Offer subscriptions for access to all of your content or a specific subset. Get the money you deserve.

Giving people access to the backend of your site is nerve-wracking. But with customizable permissions, people only see what they need to. So you can sleep soundly.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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