TELUS Spark grows its digital community with Vidflex™

Through its online video platform, the TELUS Spark Science Center has been able to easily host and manage hundreds of videos geared toward childhood learning and development. From interactive virtual camps to informative science & sports videos, TELUS Spark has built a vast library of resources to keep its young audience engaged.

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An organized video library for a user-friendly online experience

Categorized by theme, interest and age group, TELUS Spark makes it simple for children and parents to search with relevant keywords and use attribute filters to navigate through many videos with ease. Equipped with intuitive video sliders, young viewers can continuously watch videos that are in line with their learning goals and pique their interest.

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Free or paid access depending on audience preferences

The TELUS Spark Science Center is able to offer both free and paid premium content through pay-per-view and subscription purchase options to meet the diverse preferences and financial abilities of its viewers. For instance, TELUS Spark hosts free videos of various science experiments, while summer camp enrolment is offered for a fee.

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Built to protect the brand & viewers

On a fully branded and private online video platform, TELUS Spark can use its own custom video thumbnail covers, sponsorship banners, e-store menus and donation page to keep its logo, theme and colors consistent.

Also, young impressionable visitors to TELUS Spark’s video website are protected from age-inappropriate or distracting video content found on public streaming sites.That way, children can learn and have fun in a consistently safe and friendly space.

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Want to learn more?

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