Your videos are valuable. Vidflex™ helps turn your content into cash.

Public streaming services take ad revenue from content creators—we give you full control (and all the profits) of your advertising.

Break free from limited monetization


No single strategy works for everyone—so why limit yourself to algorithmic ads? Offer the ads, on-demand videos, and subscriptions that work for your business.


  • Choose from pre-roll ads, banner ads, and carousels
  • Sell or rent videos with video on demand
  • Give subscribers access to specific videos or your entire catalog
  • Get full control over ads, pricing, and access rules
  • Google Ads Manager coming soon!


Don’t limit yourself to ads that you have no control over. Get the power to optimize your earnings with Vidflex™.

monitor and smart phone with coins in piggy bank

Keep 100% of the revenue you make through pay-per-view, subscriptions, and ads.

Build a site you’re proud of

Anyone can start a video channel—but a professional, branded online video platform makes it clear that you’re serious about your content. Vidflex™ sites are built to show off your videos.

You don’t need web design experience to build a great Vidflex™video platform. Our professional developers make it happen. Send us your logo, tell us your brand’s colors, and share ideas you have about how the site should look. We’ll take care of the rest.

Manage your content library with ease

You should spend your time creating content, not managing it. Our no-hassle video management lets you invest time where it’s most valuable. Using automated video categorization, Vidflex™ automatically sorts and displays videos when you upload them. We’ll make sure they show up in the right place.

And you can work with any content format you want. Post single videos, episodes, seasons, collections, and more. Then set a price for accessing a single video or a specific group of content to start selling.

Engage and grow your audience

Provide premium pay-per-view content videos and allow for subscriber email capture. Then, export your list for use in your favorite marketing app.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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