Your videos are valuable. Vidflex™ helps turn your content into cash

Public streaming services take ad revenue from content creators—we give you full control (and all the profits) of your advertising.

Choose your video monetization strategy


 Picking your ideal monetization methods depends on the video content you’re offering. If your viewers want to watch single videos, then pay-per-view makes sense. But, if you have a large library of videos, perhaps selling a subscription would be more affordable for your viewers.

Do you intend to host live events? Consider repurposing your live content as on-demand videos to continue making money on your most popular videos.

Also, have you considered selling ads? Adding advertising to your revenue stream can supplement sales from videos and increase your earning potential. Remember, you keep every dollar of ad revenue with Vidlex™!

Control video ads

Build and organize your platform to enhance your monetization strategy

Now that you’ve chosen the monetization methods that best suit your content offering, build your video library in a way that is intuitive for viewers. That means taking advantage of user-friendly filters, galleries and scrollers to keep users on your page to continue watching – and paying for – your videos.

Keep 100% of the revenue you make through pay-per-view, subscriptions, and ads.

Sign up & manage members

Make it easy for your members to join your video website with built-in account sign-up and billing management. While users will appreciate the streamlined process, you’ll also benefit from having less to manage with each new member.

Vidflex Monetization
Control video ads

Set automatic payments & reminders

Once your members are signed up, offer secure and automatic payment processing to give them added convenience for one-time or recurring billing plans. Plus, you can set-up automatic email reminders so your members are aware of detailed upcoming payments to avoid any surprises or confusion as to what they’re being charged.

Figure It Out Baseball uses Vidflex™ to monetize their video library

Offering athletes, parents and coaches a comprehensive library of video resources, Figure It Out Baseball delivers sports-related content through both free and paid access. Equipped with a vast number of athletic training videos and podcasts, this sports association is able to reach a growing number of viewers to provide them with the tools they need to enhance their skill development and performance on the field.

Teenager looking at baseball video library

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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