Figure It Out Baseball hits it out of the park with Vidflex™

Figure It Out Baseball has monetized its large library of video resources by providing fans, athletes and sports associations with paid access to premium content. Figure It Out Baseball offers comprehensive sports content to coaches, players and their families with videos that feature all things baseball and softball, from skill development to recruiting tips.

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Make money from your videos

With the freedom to offer pay-per-view access or monthly subscriptions to your viewers, you can decide how best to sell your content. Figure It Out Baseball allows viewers to stream single games and gives die-hard fans an all-access pass to its complete video library.

Not ready to monetize? Not a problem! Figure It Out Baseball has a mix of 750+ free and paid videos to meet the needs of its diverse audience. Similarly, you can begin with free videos, and add paid videos or subscriptions as your library grows.

Also, Vidflex™ has made it possible for Figure It Out Baseball to create new revenue streams through sponsorships. That way, advertisers can pay to have banner and pre-roll ads featured on specific videos to complement the interests of viewers.

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The Podcast ‒ the new, virtual sports announcers’ box

Figure It Out Baseball has capitalized on the growing preference for podcasts by streaming 100+ episodes containing informative and entertaining baseball and softball content by some of the sport’s most knowledgeable figures. Once you get started compiling your very own library of podcast episodes, you can then charge viewers to watch one or all of your videos depending on their preferences.

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Simplify the sign-up and billing process for viewers

Viewers expect speed and convenience to enjoy video content. Self-serve sign-up gives them a fast, easy way to create an account. Users can also set up billing information to make recurring or future single payments as easy as walking a base!

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Want to learn more?

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