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Made for athletic conferences, national sports associations, teams and independent sports content creators, Vidflex Sports™ is your own custom sports network to reach your audiences.

Your fans, athletes and coaches can easily find the videos they want, when they want. Whatever game, whichever sport, across the city, or around the globe – through your own branded video website.

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Create your own network

Whether you own your sports video content, or you host and manage videos for a network of sports customers, Vidflex Sports™ gives you versatile digital tools and customizability, in an easy-to-use video management system.

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Live stream the action

Games, events, championships, and training videos can all be streamed live to your audience. This way, you can offer an alternative to in-person attendance to fans who want to watch your videos remotely, in real-time.

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On demand athlete and coach development

Use Vidflex Sports™ to facilitate any aspect of virtual training. From online drills and skills, to game fundamentals, systems and tactics, to officiating development. Even virtual award ceremonies, AGMs or coaching symposiums. All through video. All online.

Become the go-to source for your sports feeds

Many of our customers have used Vidflex™ to manage sports calendars, live stream events, and create new revenue streams from pay-per-view, subscriptions, and ad sponsors. So we built specific sports management features into the platform to make it easy for you.

Vidflex Monetization
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Build your digital sports community

Reach deeper into your local sports community while extending your reach to attract sports fans from national and international audiences – especially in a time of physical gathering restrictions.

Manage your entire calendar from one site

Do you oversee multiple sports, teams, or conferences? Vidflex™ makes it easy to update, organize, and publish all of the information for a great viewer experience.

  • Use gender, sport, team, and event tags to automatically categorize videos
  • Set up team logos for a professional look on every calendar and event page
  • Manage venues, leagues, divisions, conferences, and more
  • Auto-import schedules for lightning-fast calendar creation
Vidflex Monetization

Learn how the Vidflex™ video platform can help you manage, stream, host, and monetize your sports content.

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Let users filter videos to see what they want

If you have a lot of sports videos, it can be hard for users to find what they want. Automatically created filters let them find the right sport, team, event, and more with just a few clicks.

Stream, record, give away, or sell

Vidflex™ gives you the option to distribute your sports videos however you want. You can live stream or post recorded events. Give them away for free or charge admission to each event. You can even sell subscriptions to specific sports or teams.

Also, re-tool your video monetization model to boost missing in-person attendance revenues.

Vidflex Monetization
Control video ads

Integrate streams with our sports management capabilities

If you want to stream sporting events, you can use our sports management features to make sure your viewers know exactly when to tune in. Publish a calendar, categorize by teams and events, and schedule live streams in advance of game times.

This organization streamed +2,000 live games in the first 3 seasons

The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) is the third-largest collegiate conference in Canada. Since 2009, the conference has been streaming basketball, hockey, volleyball and other games to fans around the world.

With 17 member universities, the ACAC needed a platform that could host its large library of video content, consisting of thousands of live regular season, playoff and championship, games.

ACAC TV 2019 women's soccer championships video

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Want to learn more?

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