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Many of our customers have used Vidflex™ to manage sports calendars, live stream events, and create new revenue streams from pay-per-view, subscriptions, and ad sponsors. So we built specific sports management features into the platform to make it easy for you.

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Manage your entire calendar from one site

Do you oversee multiple sports, teams, or conferences? Vidflex™ makes it easy to update, organize, and publish all of the information for a great viewer experience.

  • Use gender, sport, team, and event tags to automatically categorize videos
  • Set up team logos for a professional look on every calendar and event page
  • Manage venues, leagues, divisions, conferences, and more
  • Auto-import schedules for lightning-fast calendar creation
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Let users filter videos to see what they want

If you have a lot of sports videos, it can be hard for users to find what they want. Automatically created filters let them find the right sport, team, event, and more with just a few clicks.

Stream, record, give away, or sell

Vidflex™ gives you the option to distribute your sports videos however you want. You can live stream or post recorded events. Give them away for free or charge admission to each event. You can even sell subscriptions to specific sports or teams.

FUTSAL championships ACACTV video streaming
sports games, hockey, JETSPEED videos

Professional-level sports video management

We’ve worked with college athletic conferences, national sports associations, and smaller sports content creators to help them manage their content. Our platform gives you more options, customizability, and a better user experience than free video hosting sites out there. You’re serious about sports—make sure your website is, too!

This organization streamed +2,000 live games in the first 3 seasons

The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) is the third-largest collegiate conference in Canada. Since 2009, the conference has been streaming basketball, hockey, volleyball and other games to fans around the world.

With 17 member universities, that means a huge amount of video. And ACAC wasn’t prepared for the success it found in the sports streaming arena.

ACAC TV 2019 women's soccer championships video

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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