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From YouTube to a Branded Video Platform

OFSAA Tackles Revenue, Training, and Consistency in Live Stream Revamp



The Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) is a powerhouse in school sports, representing 18 member federations, 45 provincial championships across 20 sports, and a staggering 280,000 student athletes across 850 schools.

Founded in 1948, OFSAA is dedicated to the philosophy of “education through school sport,” fostering athletic excellence and sportsmanship in young Canadians.

OFSAA approached Vidflex to create their own live streaming service, designed to stream all of their upcoming championships, beginning with Boys A, AA, AAA Volleyball Championships and Girls A, AA, AAA Basketball Championships.


OFSAA Tackles Inconsistent Broadcasting and Training for Championship Streams

OFSAA, having previously used YouTube for streaming, sought a more tailored solution. They desired:

  • Control & Ownership: A branded platform they could control, and monetize their championships on.
  • Revenue Generation: Increased income through pay-per-view options.
  • Enhanced Operations: Full training program for students and volunteers in video equipment and game day production.
  • Scalable Onboarding: Streamlined training and testing processes that can adapt to the scale of events and the number of venues.

"Honestly, the training was a game-changer. We had volunteers from all over, some who had never even touched a camera before. But Vidflex was amazing. They were patient, thorough, and always available to answer questions. It felt like having our own tech team on call, 24/7. It made a huge difference in the quality of our streams and the confidence of our volunteers."

PAT PARK - Communications and Marketing Lead


Empowering OFSAA’s Student Broadcasters

Vidflex delivered a comprehensive solution for OFSAA that included:

  • Centralized Streaming: A single platform for all championships.
  • Branded Tournament Pages: Intuitive navigation for viewers seeking specific games.
  • Stream Management: 266 games effortlessly managed over 3 days.
  • Monetization Control: OFSAA had full control on pay-per-view packages and pricing for their audience.
  • Comprehensive Training: The Vidflex Customer Success team trained 21 schools (30 volunteers) within 30 days. Enabling their teams to train other volunteers within the organization.
  • Dynamic Scheduling: Stream schedules adapted to game updates, ensuring accuracy.
  • Equipment collaboration: We worked with all the schools to make sure the necessary camera equipment was available on game day.
  • Rigorous Testing: Extensive testing of equipment and streaming feeds for flawless delivery.
  • Instant Issue Resolution: Any glitches were resolved within seconds, ensuring smooth viewing.

Results From Their Championships


Games Streamed


Hours Viewed


Video Plays

OFSAA’s goals were met head-on:

  • Revenue Targets Achieved: Financial expectations were exceeded.
  • Enhanced Satisfaction: The viewers, schools, and volunteers were delighted with the experience. 

The live streaming of the provincial championships was a hit, providing an engaging experience that elevated the championships to new heights. 

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Want to learn more?

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