Building Digital Communities

Vidflex™ helps build your community, by giving you or your organization an online video platform to encourage active participation, enhance virtual connectivity and increase engagement among viewers.

Keeping people connected to what matters most

With the Vidflex™ video platform, you can grow your community and enhance the digital lives of all your members.

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Virtual event planning

Invite and host guests to your next online event on a secure, private video platform. Plus, you can easily manage workshops, keynote speeches and sponsored content all from one accessible place!

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Business promotion

Increase your company’s visibility and awareness while highlighting your unique value proposition. Attract new customers by engaging them through compelling video content on your site versus pushing them away to a third-party platform.

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Arts & entertainment

Virtually promote live and on-demand performances & concerts to showcase artists, musicians, dancers and performers. Create new revenue streams for your organization through our Vidflex™ monetization features.

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Community upload

Inspire involvement by allowing members, customers, fans and leaders in your virtual community to share their video stories on a secure platform where they can be heard.

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Seamless Communication

Improve your communications by streaming live and on-demand meetings, news & announcements and discussions within your community.

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Encourage Involvement

Promote community participation by getting the word out about upcoming events, sports games, festivals and conferences to supplement in-person attendance on a virtual platform.

Build greater engagement with your community and improve communication.

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Create a video social network

Provide members with the ability to share their passions and interests by uploading their own videos. This will facilitate enhanced connectivity, pride and engagement within your growing social network.

Prepare for growth

Vidflex™ is equipped with broad capabilities to support your community to connect, engage and stay informed. As your community grows, so will your video library – and, Vidflex™ can keep up with your expansion.

Vidflex Monetization
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Be a part of the Vidflex™ community

Vidflex™ encourages a community’s collective passion, participation and connection – so members, customers and fans can stay connected both in-person and online.

Our platform facilitates seamless video management and distribution as you work toward actualizing your unique vision while accomplishing your ongoing goals.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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