Our vision is to see women exiting sexual exploitation and discovering their identity.

Next Step Ministries, like many non-profit organizations, thrives on donations from supporters and time spent by volunteers. That presents some challenges for this small, but impactful team. Reaching potential donors and volunteers can be difficult on a non-profit budget.

Using a combination of our video platform tools and moving stories about the work they do, Next Step Ministries launched a new fundraising initiative and brought in $18,600 in new committed donations in a single quarter. That’s enough to seriously boost their efforts in helping women exit sexual exploitation.

An invisible crime

When you think of crimes in your city, you probably don’t think of sexual exploitation. But it’s a real and present problem in Canada. In Calgary alone (a city of approximately 1.3 million people), it’s estimated that 3,000 women are working as prostitutes.

When women are ready to find the next stage of their lives, Next Step Ministries is there to help.

To make that happen, though, NSM relies on donations from supporters. In 2017, 46% of the organization’s revenue came from individual donors. That means they need to reach potential donors in large numbers to raise enough money to keep helping women escape sexual exploitation.

In August of 2018, NSM decided to partner with us to boost their donor outreach efforts.

Lofty goals for Next Steps Ministries TV

The result was Next Steps Ministries TV, a video platform that NSM uses to share their stories. In the first phase of the project, they created three video series to describe the organization, introduce their staff, and share details of their programs. They also launched a new fundraising initiative called #100NextSteps.

Being a non-profit, NSM needed to do this as efficiently as possible. They aimed to create 10–12 new videos without bringing on additional staff. For a small organization largely supported by volunteers, that’s no small feat.

Next Steps Ministries partnered with Vidflex to create their video platform. By working closely with our client success team we helped NSM create and launch a branded website in just 1 day

And the results speak for themselves.

Results in just 3 months




New donors


New videos

#100NextSteps was a huge success. By the end of the campaign, just three months later, NSM had created 17 new videos and brought on 62 new donors who committed to $18,600 in new donations. That’s nearly 5% of their 2017 revenue committed over three months.

NSM TV has been a marvelous success. But Next Steps Ministries isn’t done.

Plans for expansion

After the success of NSM TV and #100NextSteps, this non-profit has set lofty goals for its future video outreach.

They’re planning two more video series: an employee training portal and a community education series for churches, community groups, schools, and local businesses. These resources will help volunteers and community members spot the signs of sexual exploitation and teach them how to take appropriate action to help women escape their situations.

Two more fundraising initiatives are in the works, too. NSM will be releasing their first apparel line this year. And they’ll be creating a new portion of their website dedicated to helping women under the age of 18 escape sexual exploitation.

There’s no question that embracing video has helped Next Steps Ministries expand their fundraising efforts and reach more women trapped in the cycle of addiction and exploitation. We’re proud to partner with them and other non-profit organizations to make the world a better place.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

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