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The Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL), an amateur football league consists of three conferences: British Columbia Football Conference, Prairie Football Conference and Ontario Football Conference.

As a development league, it provides an opportunity for young men, age 17-22 to participate in highly competitive post-high school football that is unique in Canada.


Monetizing Viewer Engagement

Facing a historical reliance on social media platforms for live streaming without generating any revenue, Down South Brands recognized a significant opportunity to capitalize on their expanding viewership. With the upcoming 100X Reining Classic spanning four different venues, the need for a platform capable of managing simultaneous live streams was imperative.

Additionally, they sought real- time event support and a rapid solution, requiring platform deployment within just two weeks.

With the help of Vidflex™, Down South Brands was able to realize the following key challenges:

  1. How to capitalize on their growing viewership
  2. How to combine in-person and digital access to the live streams
  3. How to handle simultaneous live streams in different arenas
  4. How to handle real-time monitoring and support for their events
  5. How to launch a new platform within a few weeks leading up to the event

"The team at Vidflex created a professional streaming platform to unify our league’s webcasting, and generate new revenue through pay-per-view and advertising. The platform makes it easy for our fans to watch games, and the revenue allows us to reinvest back into the teams and athletes."

RANDY O’SHAUGHNESSY - Prairie Football Conference / CJFL


Simultaneous Streams, Real-Time Support

To address the challenges and opportunities presented, we implemented a comprehensive solution:

  • Branded Platform & Pricing: We designed a custom platform with engaging visuals and introduced a flexible pricing model, offering individual and package purchase options.
  • Live Streaming: We live streamed their events onto their Vidflex™ platform, expanding their audience reach.
  • Production Collaboration: We trained their third-party production team to deliver a professional live feed, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Our team monitored events in real-time, promptly addressing viewer requests and any technical questions.
  • Post-Event Analysis: We delivered post-event summaries for data-driven decisions.

Results From Their Event


Hours Streamed


Countries Watched


Revenue Projections

As long as they could cover production costs, Down South Brands entered this venture with optimism. Little did they anticipate that the results would not only meet but greatly exceed their expectations.

With the revenue generated doubling their initial projections, the team was thrilled with the outcome of the 100X Reining Classic. Their success has left them eager to partner with us again for future events, cementing a promising path forward.

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Want to learn more?

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