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The Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL) is the heartbeat of amateur football in Canada, boasting three powerhouse conferences: the British Columbia Football Conference, Prairie Football Conference, and Ontario Football Conference.

 Serving as the premiere developmental league in Canada for professional football, the CJFL opens doors for young men aged 17-22 to compete in highly competitive post-high school football.

 Since 2018, Vidflex, has partered with the CJFL to grow their community and stream their games to fans around the world. This collaboration has not only energized the league but also played a pivotal role in nurturing the evolution and growth of the CJFL.


Fragmented Strategies and Financial Hurdles

The CJFL grappled with several pivotal challenges that hindered the effectiveness of their live streaming efforts.

The absence of a cohesive strategy resulted in a fragmented viewing experience, as some teams employed YouTube and others opted for various third-party streaming services. This inconsistency made it difficult for fans to access games.

Additionally, the cost of video production posed a financial obstacle, necessitating a revenue-generating model to cover operational expenses and transform live streaming into a revenue source for the league.

With the help of Vidflex, the CJFL was able to realize the following key challenges:

  1. How to offer a cohesive and professional streaming experience for the league as well as the fans.
  2. How to establish production standards to maintain consistency across teams.
  3. How to recoup the costs of live streaming and turn it into a revenue generating endeavour.

"The team at Vidflex created a professional streaming platform to unify our league’s webcasting, and generate new revenue through pay-per-view and advertising. The platform makes it easy for our fans to watch games, and the revenue allows us to reinvest back into the teams and athletes."

RANDY O’SHAUGHNESSY - Prairie Football Conference / CJFL


Branded Streaming, Training Excellence, and Revenue Innovation

To address the challenges that the CJFL was facing, the Vidflex team implemented a comprehensive solution which included:

  • A Branded Streaming Service: Vidflex developed a fully branded platform for the CJFL, offering a cohesive and professional streaming experience.
  • Training and Production Standards: Vidflex trained all CJFL teams, establishing production standards to maintain consistency. Collaborative efforts ensured teams met these standards, enhancing the overall quality of the broadcasts.
  • Partnership with Third-party Production Companies: Vidflex collaborated with third-party production companies, providing training to align their streaming practices with the Vidflex platform.
  • Multiple Revenue Generating Tools : The CJFL could generate revenue from the pay-per-view purchases as well as by selling ad placements to their sponsors via ad banners and in game video ads.

The Results

The implementation of Vidflex’s solution has yielded remarkable results:

  • Surpassing Revenue Expectations: Live streaming became a significant revenue stream, with total earnings offsetting operational costs and contributing to their financial success.
  • Significant Growth in Viewership: Video plays increased substantially from 7,215 in 2018 to over 32,000 in 2023, showcasing the growing popularity of CJFL games.
  • Increased Streaming Hours: The total hours streamed also saw a significant boost, rising from 4,682 in 2018 to over 23,000 in the 2023 season.

Achievements in 2023 


Games Live Streamed


Hours Streamed


Video Plays

The CJFL plans to continue using Vidflex in 2024, aiming to introduce additional sponsorship and advertising revenue through pre-roll and mid-roll advertising.

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Want to learn more?

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