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Founded in 1964, Baseball Canada stands as the collective voice for ten provincial sports organizations.

With a renowned Junior National Team that has nurtured talent destined for professional and collegiate-level baseball, their commitment to fostering excellence in the sport is unparalleled.

Hosting numerous national championships, each tailored to specific age groups and genders, Baseball Canada collaborates closely with dedicated local host committees to bring these prestigious events to life.


Working With Volunteers and Budget Constraints

Baseball Canada faced an array of challenges in introducing live streaming to their national championship events.

Key among these challenges were volunteers’ lack of experience in live streaming and concerns about the associated costs. Moreover, the substantial financial demands of hosting these events necessitated a streamlined solution.

With the help of Vidflex™, Baseball Canada was able to realize the following key challenges:

    • Easy to Use: How to find a solution that was easy for their volunteers to learn
    • Budget Friendly: How to find a live streaming solution while facing significant budget constraints
    • Centralized Hub for All Transactions and Management: How to manage the events, as well as all the payment transactions
    • Professional and Consistent Training: How to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during each event.

“The team at Vidflex was amazing! They handled everything for our live streaming, ensuring a fantastic experience for our fans and making it effortlessfor our volunteers. I would wholeheartedly recommend Vidflex as the preferred partner for all upcoming Baseball Canada championships.”

DERRICK CHAPMAN - Executive Direct, Mens National Championship


A Resounding Success

To address Baseball Canada’s diverse needs for their national championship events, we designed and executed a comprehensive solution:

  • Custom Tournament Pages: We created unique tournament pages for 13U National Championship, 13U Atlantic Championships, and Men’s Championships.
  • Tailored Pricing: Each tournament had a customized pricing model.
  • Production Training:We trained video teams and ran tests.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: We ensured smooth, real-time game coverage.
  • Promotional Videos: We produced event promo videos for social media.

Baseball Canada’s national championship events garnered significant attention and delivered an exceptional experience for fans and volunteers alike.

Results From Their Championships


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With Vidflex™ as their dedicated partner, Baseball Canada achieved outstanding results. The custom tournament pages and promotional videos contributed to heightened excitement and engagement. Each unique pricing model provided flexibility for tournament organizers and viewers alike, enhancing the overall experience.

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Want to learn more?

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