Grow your community, share your message, and reach more people

To augment the vision of your ministry and mission of your church, expanding your online presence gives you the opportunity to reach a larger audience and build a loyal following.

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Live Streaming

Expand your reach and connect with a new generation of churchgoers anytime, and on any connected device.

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Easy Video Management

Stream and archive your sermons and events to allow everyone to stay connected with your church community.

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Customizable & SAFE

No ads, competing videos or distractions. You own the platform and control what goes on it.

Live stream your service

Offering your congregation an alternative to in-person sermons and church services can make a world of difference when faced with health & safety concerns, mobility issues, extreme weather conditions and conflicting personal schedules.

Contrary to the belief that live streaming takes members away from church attendance, live streaming can ultimately grow a congregation and serve an online community.

Easy video management

Vidflex Faith™ gives you a variety of video hosting options, including live streaming church services, video on demand (VOD) and VOD series.

With these options, you can host, compile and organize as many videos as you wish for the viewing pleasure of your audience.

Use our built-in video management tools which include:

  • Video sliders
  • Gallery pages and filter options
  • Tags and related content
  • Event/Sermon scheduling

Customizable to your church

With the freedom to customize your church’s video platform, viewers will recognize your unique image every time you post video content such as:

  • Sermons
  • Community News & Events
  • Teaching Series
  • Ministry & Missions
  • Staff Training

Free from conflicting advertisements that have the potential to overshadow, dilute, contradict or distract from your integral beliefs, Vidflex Faith™ gives your organization the tools to construct a hosting platform that not only supports your messaging, but enriches it.

Stream special events

For family and friends living abroad or who can’t make it in person, they can watch the following important events via live stream:

  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Funerals

The Vidflex Faith™ platform also gives your Church the opportunity to reach viewers who would have otherwise been unable to witness your message. Connecting your Church and its members to non-traditional visitors from communities across the world, breaks through the barrier of people being inadvertently unaware of your Church’s existence and mission.

Whether your Church would like to offer its members an inclusive opportunity to host life’s most memorable events online or to give viewers an opportunity to give, the Vidflex Faith™ platform extends your reach both virtually and in-person.

Community Engagement

Members of the church community can contribute to the platform so everyone is up-to-date on what’s happening outside the church walls.

With the added feature of live chat and community video uploading, communication between your church, your members and the public, has never been easier. 

You have complete control over who can contribute to your platform, and can moderate all videos and conversations before they are published.

Room to grow

Customizable to the size of your church, Vidflex Faith’s platform has the capacity for scalability. That means whether you have 100 or 5,000 members in your congregation, we provide you with the necessary video hosting tools to fit your current and future needs as your organization grows. With Vidflex Faith™, the sky’s the limit!

Cochrane Alliance finds success through controlling their own online video network

Cochrane Alliance church created its own branded video website using our Vidflex Faith™ platform. By streaming their weekly services, Cochrane Alliance optimized its reach to attract over 2,000 unique users. This increase in visibility has supplemented the church’s in-person attendance and fostered the efficiency of virtual worship.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?