Building an online church community

Cochrane Alliance Church wanted to create a digital video viewing and community sharing environment that would increase connectivity with their audience while staying true to their messaging, values and beliefs.

Connecting church in a digital age

Cochrane Alliance desired to create a unique branded website to host and distribute a variety of video content that would be free from conflicting content, inconsistent branding and distracting advertising, as is common on large public video sites.

Having such a platform for Cochrane Alliance leaders would help connect with their church online, provide relevant resources and rich, dynamic content, and build a stronger sense of online community.  Building a trustworthy site would be predicated on the vision that their content would include live streamed weekly Sunday services.

Lofty goals for Cochrane Alliance

Since inception, Cochrane Alliance has substantially grown its viewership in terms of frequency and duration while maintaining the branding necessary to establish a trusted website. Conveying a consistent image, while hosting a multitude of frequently watched content, Cochrane Alliance has been able to provide its stakeholders with essential resources without compromise.

In addition, as a result of the COVID-19 social distancing measures introduced by Alberta Health in mid-March 2020, churches could no longer gather in large numbers person to hear Sunday services. This posed an additional challenge to maintain connectivity with regular church attendees — and an immediate need to be able to stream service content online.

Streaming results for 2022




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New videos

Growing a connected faith community

With the Vidflex Faith™ video platform, church ministry leaders create weekly videos and add them to share with members of all ages, all in one place.

Moreover, members don’t have to subscribe to a social media channel to stay connected, which means there’s no need to push viewers to an outside platform.

Plans for expansion

Cochrane Alliance is continuously growing its viewing audience as it has been observed that people tend to view more content on a trusted site without distractions of advertising or conflicting content.

As such, they continue to add relevant content to create a pull culture while advising their audience when new content is posted.

Ready To Get Started?

Ready To Get Started?