Video Streaming

The Vidflex Sports™ video platform enables you to take the reins to give your audience a fully branded and monetizable video experience. No technical skills required.

Create your own sports network

Any video you own or capture will be hosted directly on your Vidflex Sports™ platform. No more embedding third party video snippets or dealing with broken links. Your platform is powered by an easy to use video management system that makes it simple and efficient for anyone to upload, organize, share, and sell video content.

Professional Out-of-the-box features

Live Streaming

Seamlessly deliver live events, allowing viewers to watch the action in real-time, or start and rewind at their leisure.

On-Demand Video

Provide an on demand experience for your audience with an organized library of video content.


Create new revenue streams through sponsorships, subscriptions, advertising, and pay-per-view opportunities.


Set it and forget it. Simply upload your season details and the platform will take care of the rest.

Unlimited Channels

Grow your video network and allow members to upload video content and manage their own video channel.


Generate your own real-time performance reports to maximize your ROI.

On-demand video development for athletes, coaches, and officials 

Create a sports Video Training Library

Use Vidflex Sports™ to facilitate any aspect of virtual training. From online drills and skills, to game fundamentals, systems and tactics, to officiating development. Even virtual award ceremonies, AGMs or coaching symposiums. All through video. All online.

“The entire Vidflex team has been present since day one. This level of commitment has been recognized and appreciated by Hockey Canada. This is a group that demonstrates just how much they care about our needs, today and in the future.”

– Craig Cameron, Former director, Hockey Canada

“As a sports association with athletes from around the world, connecting athletes to their communities abroad is one of our top priorities. This athletic conference is a leading example of how a Vidflex Sports platform can help move an industry forward into a new age.”

– Mark Kosak, CEO, ACACTV

Monetize Your Sports video streaming

Pay Per View

Create a purchase opportunity for any video or live game. Your Vidflex Sports™ platform comes with a fully integrated online shopping and checkout experience.


Create recurring revenue opportunities by offering subscription purchase options for your network, channels, or selected video content.

Sponsorship & Advertising

Attract sponsors to your network by offering lucrative pre-roll ads, or banner placements throughout the platform. Best of all, you keep 100% of the ad revenue.

We help you realize your video potential, and enable you to create additional revenue streams by converting sales directly from your video platform.

See who’s benefited from Vidflex Sports™

This organization streamed +2,000 live games in the first 3 seasons

The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) is the third-largest collegiate conference in Canada. Since 2009, the conference has been streaming basketball, hockey, volleyball and other games to fans around the world.

With 17 member universities, the ACAC needed a platform that could host its large library of video content, consisting of thousands of live regular season, playoff and championship, games.

ACAC TV 2019 women's soccer championships video

Get a personalized demo for your sports organization

Learn how the Vidflex Sports™ video platform can help you manage, stream, host, and monetize your sports content.

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