Everything you need to stream anything you want

Live streaming engages your audience, expands your reach, and opens up valuable monetization opportunities. But you need the right tools and the right platform to host your stream. Vidflex gives you everything you need to start live streaming right away.

Start live streaming

Your videos are valuable

We’ll help you turn that value into cash. Other sites split ad revenue with content creators—we give you full control (and all the profits) of your advertising. Or you can use video on demand, pay-per-view, and subscriptions to charge for access to your videos. Make money in the way that makes sense for your site.

Content distribution should be easy

And with Vidflex, it is. Bringing your audience over from YouTube, Vimeo, or your current website is a breeze with our video management tools. They’ll appreciate the better user experience—and you’ll appreciate the control you have over your content.

Professional video hosting without professional fees

Free video hosting sites can take the bulk of your ad revenue. Most enterprise video hosting solutions cost an arm and a leg. We make it easy to host and distribute content with all the features you need — minus the prohibitive price tag.